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Tracing to the Source of Qiang'an and Learning the Ultimate Kung Fu - Qiang'an Company's Kung Fu Team Building Journey

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On the afternoon of June 6th, new and old employees of Qiang'an Company gathered in the Xiangjiang Building, the birthplace of the company to carry out "Tracing to the Source of Qiang'an and Learning the Ultimate Kung Fu" group construction expansion activities. The activities include two types of Chinese Kung Fu: Wing Chun and Baduanjin+Tai Chi, aimed at enhancing team collaboration and cohesion and improving physical fitness.


In the middle is Qiang'an general manager Lucy Ding

In this team building, we dressed in pizza student uniforms, and everyone transformed into Kung Fu students. Two Italian teachers told us the story of their connection with Chinese martial arts and their collaboration in founding the Ultimate Kung Fu School. Everyone listened with great interest. They also briefly introduced the key points of Wing Chun, Baduanjin and Tai Chi, leading us to practice together. During this period, they continuously helped us correct our movements, and the students studied very seriously.

For enterprises, helping  engage in learning unknown fields, enriching themselves in the process of team building, no matter how the outside market and competitors change, practicing their skills is helpful in responding to the constantly changing market and helping to establish a stable foothold in their professional field. For company employees, the logo T-shirt is worn on the body, the mission is on us. We must persist in long-term learning, try various learning methods, and maintain self innovation and progress in order to continuously help the company develop and realize our own value.

Pizza has no borders, Kung Fu has no borders, and many cultures are a fusion of tradition and modernity, passed down through innovation. The nationality relationship between Qiang'an and Ultimate Kung Fu this time is that they are Italians teaching Chinese Kung Fu, and we are Chinese people training in Italian pizza. The kung fu industry is also breaking through innovation. Foreigners can become masters of traditional Chinese kung fu, and we can also teach people around the world who love pizza culture how to make pizza.

The location of this activity we specially selected for the first-generation office of Qiang'an, and we revisited the old site to complete a journey of tracing the company's origins. Each team has arranged a company traceability tour guide. Maybe he took us on a rough road, but that’s a special road, and we all find it very interesting to hear the story of old employees’ struggles.

Through this activity, everyone not only experienced the broad and profound Chinese Kung Fu but also learned about the long history of Qiang’an. We will work together more closely and continue to provide customers with high-quality one-stop pizza services.

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